What are the sizes?

We are constantly striving to bring you the finest in fashion from Denmark. This means that new brands are constantly appearing in our store and almost every brand has its own understanding of the sizes. Therefore, unfortunately, we can not offer a generally valid scheme.

On the other hand, we work hard to ensure that every single product is described comprehensively, and here we are particularly attentive to how the sizes turn out and we try to describe it as accurately as possible.

However, we can mostly say that Danish brands are rather large in size, especially in comparison with French brands. If a model is wide cut, it is usually worth ordering one size smaller.

Some brands we have been carrying for many years and there we can make some general statements:

Mos Mosh – Jeans: Because of the high and comfortable stretch content, we recommend taking one size smaller.

Co’Couture – is usually one size too big for the average Swiss woman

Comfy Copenhagen – As the name suggests, Comfy dresses are extremely cozy and so is the cut. Comfy can be selected at least one size smaller. Depending on the body shape and cut of garment even two sizes. The brand also carries sizes like XXS.

Rabens Saloner: The great dresses are intentionally cut large, giving them that unmistakable Rabens touch. If you are not used to this, you can take one size smaller.

Woden – the great and very comfortable sneakers are measured out rather small. Most women take one size larger than normal