Welcome to Little Copenhagen

I hope you will enjoy my Danish fashion world. I have chosen each piece carefully. Everything you find in the webshop and in our two stores, I have found on my numerous trips to Denmark and my constant search on social media and elsewhere.

Everyone will get their money’s worth here, there is something for everyone – because Danish fashion is diverse! Our mission is to show you exactly how diverse Danish fashion is. You’ll find established Danish fashion brands as well as innovative and bold smaller brands in the largest Danish multi-brand store in Switzerland.

I have an open eye and I am always looking out for new inspiration. I follow the trends in Denmark and am passionate about watching the fashion scene. I just can’t let it go!

Why Little Copenhagen? Why are we different? We sell fashion that embodies the joyful and uncomplicated lifestyle of Copenhagen. We provide honest and passionate fashion advice and put our heart and soul into it. In the boutiques in Bolligen and on Kramgasse in Bern’s old town as well as online.